Thor Series

Thor Series
  • 1 / 304 stainless steel case
  • 2 / Alibaba Cloud integration
  • 3 / One-time fingerprint password
  • 4 / Police Tested & Recommended Anti-theft Cylinder
  • 5 / Emergency power supply

Product Features

Monitor access

Alibaba Cloud Integration

Police Tested & Recommended Anti-theft Cylinder

One-tie password

Anti-spy privacy password panel

High security

Automatic police alert

Temporary fingerprint password

Lock log download

Separate handle

Electric modular design

Emergency power supply


1 Working Power Main Power 4.6V~6.6V(4pcs#5 batteries
Emergency Power Mobile power
Remote control power(optional) 12V27A(L828)
2 Working Environment Working temperature -25℃~ +55℃
Working humidity 20%~95%(RH)
3 Fingerprint part Collection zone size 15*12mm(semiconductor)
Verification time <0.9S
Working temperature -25℃~ +70℃
Storage capacity 200pcs
False rejection rate(FRR) 0.001
False accept rate(FAR) 0.00001
Anti-static ability ≥|±15KV|
4 Remote control(optional) Storage capacity 200pcs
Encryption method Keeloq rolling code
Effective distance Open area: about 15M
5 Power consumption Alarm voltage ≤4.8V
Static Power consumption(W/O remote control) <50μA
Static Power consumption(W remote control) <150μA
Dynamic peak value current ≤280mA
Battery life >10000 Times
6 Auxiliary function Smart voice reminding Whole voice reminding by menu
Password open door 55pcs password can be storage
Password protection Password Anti-Spy
Anti-test change password function: 5 times wrong passwords, Keyboard will be locked 3 minutes automatically
Micro USB port external power function Which can be supplied power by mobile power or computer USB power directly
Fingerprint sensor induction Touch sensing time is less than 0.5S
OLED display 0.96inch display size, white letters black background
Time function Display time and date
Unlock record function Which can storage 2500pcs unlock record
Data download function Which can be download to connect computer
Anti-burglar alarm function Which will be alarm if door is broken
Silence function Which can be turn off the beep via the menu
Temporary users function Which can be set temporary users
Double open door mode Fingerprint+ password double verification to open the door
Anti-theft handle(optional)
7 Lock body details Lock body outer shape size 179*95*20MM
Lock body plate size 240*24*3MM
Lock body center distance 68MM
Installation center distance 60MM
Lock body weight 1.2KG

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