Knight Series

Knight Series
  • 1 / 100% Bronze
  • 2 / IPX4 Water-proof level
  • 3 / Bank level fingerprint sensor

Product Features

Bank level fingerprint sensor

Various entries

Sound notification

Emergency power supply

Slider case

Two-step authentication

IPX4 waterproof

Hidden cylinder

Lock log download

Separate handle

Low consumption

Sound notification

100% bronze


1 Electronic system parameters Main Power 4.5V~6.5V(4pcs#5 batteries or 8pcs#5 batteries)
Static Power consumption <50μA
Dynamic peak value current ≤280mA
Battery life ≥10000 Times
Alarm voltage ≤4.8V±0.2V
Backup power 9V Dry battery
Working temperature -18℃~ +60℃
Anti-static ability ≤|±15KV|
Working humidity 20%~95%(RH)
2 Fingerprint part Fingerprint sensor Semiconductor FPC1101
Collection zone size 11*14mm
Resolution 360dpi
Collection angle ±45°
Comparison method 1:N
Fingerprint Storage capacity 300pcs
Verification contrast time <1.2S
False rejection rate(FRR) 0.001
False accept rate(FAR) 0.00001
3 Password part Keyboard type Capacitive touch buttons
Password length 43263
Password storage capacity 100pcs
Anti-test change password function: 5 times wrong passwords, Keyboard will be locked 3 minutes automatically
Password Anti-Spy When input password. You can input any number before or after password(total can’t be over 30 numbers)
4 Lock part Lock body outer shape size 240*95*24MM
Lock body center distance 60*68MM
5 Implementation standards GA701-2007

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