Dura Series

Dura Series
  • 1 / Fingerprint entry
  • 2 / Built-in fingerprint learning algorithm
  • 3 / 5-layer coated technique
  • 4 / Re-chargeable battery
  • 5 / Magnetic silencing case

Product Features

Bank level fingerprint sensor

Ergonomically designed

Magnetic silencing case

Easy use

Built-in fingerprint learning algorithm

Long service life

5-layer powder coating technique

Rechargeable battery

Adjustable case

Hidden latch bolt

Patented design


1 Working Power Main Power 5.85V~7.3V(4pcs#7 batteries
2 Working Environment Working temperature -10℃~ +55℃
Working humidity 20%~95%
3 Fingerprint part Module sensor type Semiconductor Capacitor
Collection zone size 9*9mm
Resolution 508DPI
Verification time <0.5S
Storage capacity 103pcs(3pcs manage fingerprint)
False rejection rate(FRR) 0.001
False accept rate(FAR) 0.00001
Anti-static ability ≥|±15KV|
4 Power consumption Alarm voltage ≤5.85V
Static Power consumption(W/O remote control) <10μA
Dynamic peak value current ≤800mA
Battery life 1year(about 10 times one day)
5 Auxiliary function Micro USB port external power function Which can be supplied power by mobile power or computer USB power directly
6 Lock part Lock body outer shape size 72*110*15.5MM
Lock body plate size 156*22*1.5MM
Lock body center distance 55MM
Installation center distance 72MM
Lock body weight 0.45KG
7 Implementation standards Q/MMZS 21 GB 21556

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