No More Slamming Doors.

MMLOCKS developed a complete door silencing system consisted of a silence lock, silence door closer and silence hinge to give you peace of mind.



Integrated with one of the most advanced cloud-based APP, monitoring and controlling every single access to your property. You are elsewhere, but you are everywhere.


Where there is MMLOCKS, there is pease. MMLOCKS has helped numerous organizations, businesses to keep their properties quiet.



Commercial Buildings



6 Ways To A More Durable Lock

Plating Thickness Test
Using German plating thickness testers to control tplating thickness, MMLOCKS locks perform 3 times better than average in salt spray test.

Salt Spray Test
All plated compoments are tested in salt spray chambers and graded Level 10, meaning there won't be any corrison on MMLOCKS products.

Temperature/Humidity Test
All compoments are tested in temperature/humidity test chambers under -40°C ~ 150°C, MMLOCKS products can be used for years.

Door Lock Cycle Test
All finished locks go through door lock cycle tests, MMLocks locks can be opened for at least 200,000 times.

Components Simulation Test
Using CNC machining to test the performance of lock components, making sure our locks are durable and secure.

Drop Test
Simulating the transportation environment, our locks promise the highest quality when delivered to you.

Why choose us

R & D

Our Engineer Team of 20 years experience will provide the best possible solution for your business.


We teamed up with some of the most famous designers to bring you locks of real style.

Quality Control

Our Engineer Team of 20 years experience will provide the best possible solution for your business.

Support Team

We promise to answer all queries within 24 hours.

Manufacturing In-house

Every part of MMLOCKS locks is manufactured and tested in-house, promising best quality for each piece.

10 years warranty

Durability is not just a promotion line, we mean it by offering a 10-years warranty to all our products.

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